Failure to Get Scholarships

Some Mistakes of Students Who Make Them Failure to Get Scholarships

Perhaps, you are one of the students who wants to get a scholarship to study abroad. But, you cannot even make your dream come true. Well, if you want to think more deeply, you may create your own “obstacle”. Anyway, there are a few things that you don’t realize that will only make you fail to get a scholarship. What are those things?

Too many questions but never tried

You may know various scholarship programs available to study abroad? Starting from the LPDP scholarship, English Chevening, US Fulbright, to Erasmus Mundus Europe we almost know about the various scholarships because they are already available on the website or there have been many testimonies from those who managed to get the scholarship. Unfortunately, we may only focus on looking for a variety of information but never want to start trying to register.

Failure to Get Scholarships
Failure to Get Scholarships

Always procrastinating to try out a scholarship program

Many people do not feel confident about their ability to apply for scholarships. There are a few reasons why they always procrastinate to join the scholarship program. For instance, they do not have good English proficiency and cannot write our motivation letter well. In fact, we never know the best chance to get this scholarship and chance of playing dadu online at

Only focus on academic activities

Being a volunteer is something that cannot be obtained by everyone. Whereas getting the best value is certainly almost owned by everyone if indeed they are diligent in learning. So that sometimes the scholarship will consider those who are active in an organization because it means they often meet new people, face problems and solve new problems.

Failure to Get Scholarships
Failure to Get Scholarships

Does not improve English skills

English is the first and foremost ability that you must learn before applying for scholarships abroad. Perfect academic ability and supported by qualified self-confidence will certainly not be enough if our English skill is bad.

Fail and don’t want to try again

Everybody must have felt a failure in his or her life. Not only once, twice, or even dozens of times they may experience a failure in this life. What makes it different is that some people fail and always want to try again and again to achieve what they want or those who fail then despair. Just because you fail on one scholarship, it does not mean that you completely fail on scholarship programs. There are still many other scholarships that you can continue to try and pursue. It always gives you a big chance to get a scholarship to continue your education.